About Us

The Good Pharmacy Initiative’s sole purpose is empowering pharmacies and enhancing patient care.

The uncertain economic climate has left many struggling to afford essential medications. InvestiPharm and Drug-IT Solutions have partnered on an initiative called The Good Pharmacy Initiative to combat this problem. With the GPI, we are partnering with community pharmacies, to ensure that all patients have access to the life-saving drugs they require without jeopardizing the profitability of those pharmacies. Be a part of the solution and join us in ensuring a healthy future for all.

Our Features

A community pharmacy revolution

The Good Pharmacy Initiative will serve to buffer the impact of rising drug prices while simultaneously easing the inventory burden of pharmacies with these features.

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Access to highly discounted medications

Price stability through markup control

Large selection of medications available

Expert inventory support for local pharmacies

Post-sale payment plan for pharmacies

With The GPI you can

  • Say goodbye to high drug price

  • Put an end to capital expenses

  • Restock your pharmacy easily and quickly

Technical or account support

We’re here to help! If you have any enquiries, chat with us on WhatsApp

Fill out this sign-up form and download the proposal and contract. If the terms of the Good Pharmacy Initiative as outlined in this proposal are acceptable to you, sign the contract and we’ll bring you on board with the initiative.

We will send you an extensive product list that you can use to select the items that you want to purchase as well as the quantity that you would like us to supply. Your request will be evaluated, and a decision will either be made to grant it or to make changes. In the event that your request is accepted, the supply that you ordered will be sent to you without delay. You will be informed of any necessary changes to your purchase order if there is a requirement for a change in the current status. Should you decide to go ahead and accept the adjustment, the shipment of your order will follow shortly after.

Product supply will be made to you on a long-term credit as part of the Good Pharmacy Initiative. You won't have to worry about making a payment before getting your supply. You would only pay for products that you have sold, thus you do not have to pay for all unsold products supplied to you. After inventory check rounds done fortnightly, you are obligated to make payment anywhere between three and five working days for sold product units which would be communicated to you via an invoice/credit note documentation. Note that you will only pay for what you have sold

In the event that you decide to withdraw from the initiative, you will be required to submit a request by sending an email to contact@drug-it.com. Following your request, we will collect the remainder of our stock, after which we will either send you an invoice and a credit note stating the products and units sold, as well as a termination document for you to sign. This also applies if we initiate the termination clause in our agreement because you have violated the conditions of our contract.