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We accelerate medication accessibility on this continent by enhancing stakeholder participation.

No more worries about cash flow

We facilitate convenient payment plans for retial pharmacies. Pharmacies can receive products on post-sale credit basis. No need for inventory capital.

Price stabilization

We provide a robust cushion that allows facilitate uniform prices for medications across several pharmacies.

Safe medicines are a fundamental human right

We partner with a trusted network of drug manufacturers, importers, and distributors to ensure that the last mile have access to safe and quality medicines.

In Partnership with Drug-IT Solutions

We are changing how the pharmaceutical industry operates in Africa, making it more efficient, reliable, safe and profitable.

Imagine all the possibilities

With InvestiPharm's support, pharmaceutical stakeholders can focus on their job of delivering reliable, affordable and quality pharmaceuticals to patients. Together, we can:

  • Increase access to medicines
  • Improve patient care
  • Increase pharmacy revenues and profits
  • Support innovation in pharmaceuticals
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